Your mobile device in the service of the malicious hacker

16:00 08-05-2014

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Live Demo: Your mobile device in the service of the malicious hacker

Mr. Adi Sharabani, CEO of Skycure Ltd.

8.5.14  | 16:00-17:30 | אולם כנסים בניין 3



We all developed natural instincts when it comes to protecting our physical space. We all know to look to the sides before crossing the road, and we all have some capabilities to assess current risks and make decisions accordingly. However, when it comes to using our mobile devices in the cyber era, these instincts have not yet evolved. People and organizations are at risk, and do not have an understanding how to assess or mitigate them. On top of that, current protection solutions provide inadequate protection against these threats. The organizational need to support mobile devices for business related activity created a huge gap in securing the organization. The lecture will highlight some of these threats via a live demonstration of a mobile hacking activity. The audience will be able to opt in for the demo, reflecting how easy it is for a hacker to hack into remote devices.

Mr. Adi Sharabani is a world-class security expert and the CEO of Skycure, a start-up that focuses on providing firewall solutions for mobile devices. Formerly, Adi led the security of IBM software products. He came to IBM through the Watchfire acquisition, a start-up company which was a pioneer in the field of application security. Among his roles, Adi built and led the Watchfire’s security group. Adi has written many patents in the security space, and his works have been presented in many known conferences such as BlackHat, RSA, OWASP, Innovate, Herzliya Conference and many more; his presentations and keynotes are constantly being ranked as best presentations of most conferences he presents at. Adi is also a fellow at Prof. Yuval Ne’eman’s workshop. In his spare time, Adi teaches at Ohel-Shem high school, and is a part of the vision and implementation of the cyber-defense curriculum for high school students, a vision that is now being implemented in Israel.