The Proton Radius – Nuclear Physics Newest Puzzle

14:00 29-10-2012
October 29, 2012, 14:00
Dr Guy Ron, Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Seminar Room 424/8
The Proton Radius – Nuclear Physics' Newest PuzzleThe radius of the proton, generally assumed to be a well measured and understood quantity has recently come under scrutiny due to highly precise, yet conflicting, experimental results. These new results have generated a host of interpretations, none of which are completely satisfactory. I will present a general overview to the topic, from the early measurements of the 1950s to the high precision experiments performed today. I will further discuss the various radii and measurements and present some of the attempted explanations for the discrepancies observed. Lastly, I will discuss a planned experiment at the Paul Scherrer Institute which may help shed new light on the issue.