Majoranas in Wire Networks: Theory and Experiment

12:00 26-05-2013

Professor Yuval Oreg (Weizmann Institute) will give a talk on "Majoranas in Wire Networks: Theory and Experiment".

Abstract: Topological quantum computation provides an elegant way around decoherence, as one encodes quantum information in a nonlocal fashion that the environment finds difficult to corrupt. Zero energy Majorana fermion states (Majorans for short) emerges as a key concept for a realization of nonlocal encoding. In this talk we will discuss what are Majoranas? what makes them nonlocal? and how one may create and manipulate them. In particular we will discuss recipes for driving semiconducting wires into a topological phase supporting Majoranas, and their recent possible experimental observation. In this setting Majoarans can be transported, created, and fused by applying locally tunable gates to the wire. More importantly, we will show that networks of such wires allow braiding of Majoranas fermions and that they exhibit non-Abelian statistics like vortices in a p+ip superconductor.

Place: Holon Institute of Technology, Faculty of Sciences, Seminar Room 424/8