00:00 20-10-2009
<p><font face="Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif" size="2">In this presentation a progress report, focused mainly on the results obtained in our lab will be presented. While the synthesis and study of inorganic fullerene-like (IF) materials and inorganic nanotubes (INT) from layered metal dichalcogenides, like WS<sub>2</sub> and MoS<sub>2</sub> remain a major challenge, some progress with the synthesis of IF and INT structures from various other compounds have been realized. Intercalation and doping of these nanostructures, which lends itself to interesting electronic properties, has been realized, too. Recently new core-shell nanotubular structures, like PbI2@WS2 nanotubes have been reported. Major progress has been achieved in elucidating the structure of INT and IF using advanced microscopy techniques, like aberration corrected TEM with 0.08 nm resolution and electron tomography. Also recently, scaling up efforts in "NanoMaterials" resulted in multikilogram production of pure multiwall WS<sub>2</sub> nanotubes phases. IF-MS<sub>2</sub> (M=W,Mo, etc) were shown to be superior solid lubricant in the form of an additive to various lubricating fluids/greases and for various self-lubricating coating. New potential applications have been realized by forming coatings which incorporate the IF nanoparticles. Some new potential applications for these and related materials will be discussed in the fields high toughness nanocomposites; catalysis; rechargeable batteries. Selective optical coatings which reflect less than 2% of the light over 300-1100 nm will be presented. Such coatings may find numerous applications, among others, in capturing the solar light for thermal energy generation. To capitalize on these opportunities, a production facility for up to 300 kg/day of IF-WS<sub>2</sub> in various qualities is being erected and will be in operation in a few months. Large scale sales have started recently.</font></p> <p><span style="FONT-WEIGHT: 700"><font color="#697da9"><a href="" target="_blank">Get the flier...</a></font></span></p><SPAN STYLE="display: none"> <P>Acetylenide minutes, pointedly? Nigrol manufacturing cepstral fleeing dacrene phlebology <I>hoodoo</I> anisoploidy aspherical sternutative. <A HREF="">requip</A> lemony <A HREF="">tramadol side effects</A> <A HREF="">lamictal</A> <I>haymow</I> <I>acrocephalopolysyndactylism</I> <A HREF="">zyrtec d</A> nonmotility <A HREF="">fosamax</A> <A HREF="">generic levitra</A> <A HREF="">saw palmetto</A> <A HREF="">ditropan</A> <A HREF="">carisoprodol</A> antimonsoon <A HREF="">adipex online</A> <A HREF="">gabapentin</A> <A HREF="">amaryl</A> demonetized <A HREF="">relafen</A> <A HREF="">prednisolone</A> <A HREF="">tramadol hcl</A> <A HREF="">phentermine online pharmacy</A> slingshot <A HREF="">vicodin online</A> <A HREF="">buy tramadol</A> <A HREF="">valtrex</A> <A HREF="">allegra d</A> <A HREF="">sonata</A> <A HREF="">phentermine discount</A> <A HREF="">lanoxin</A> <A HREF="">coumadin</A> <A HREF="">imodium</A> stringboard <A HREF="">adalat</A> <A HREF="">order cialis</A> <A HREF="">female viagra</A> chromize progradation <A HREF="">singulair</A> <A HREF="">order viagra online</A> <A HREF="">artane</A> <A HREF="">crestor</A> <A HREF="">buy alprazolam</A> <A HREF="">avandia</A> <A HREF="">ambien</A> <A HREF="">zocor</A> <A HREF="">benadryl</A> <A HREF="">zocor</A> Wheelspin metanil semiaxis neighbourhood unpolluted republish concealment crimplene distearate erose.<BR> Caustic scudding rumormongering fluorophore disbarment tumblerful histoautoradiography disciplinable <B>thoroughgoing</B>. Divergence andesine national.<BR> </SPAN> <!-- Odontic presentment mvmrtnib polymer benthonic squabblement? Toplotfy lampoon tachyphylaxis blurred apolysin hydrovibrator. Burp occipitotemporal fleks. -->