The Research Authority

Research Coordinator: Tzvia Ken-Dror The Research Authority's activities are divided into three parts: L1 – Encouraging the individual submission of research proposals to scientific research foundations; updating the procedures for compensating researchers (FP-7) for qualifying faculty members; keeping updated on scientific programs in Israel and abroad; guidance and advice for senior, active researchers; recruiting young and active faculty.  

L2 – Joint research projects with industry and other institutes of higher education; creating centers of excellence to be a base for cooperative ventures and fund-raising; keeping updated on programs from CELTIC, FP7, MAGNET/MAGNETON (Industry and Trade Ministry), MAFAT (Defense Ministry), and other government ministries; building a solid knowledge foundation for managing multidisciplinary academia-industry R&D projects; signing cooperative agreements with industries and research institutes and leveraging them to obtain research grants.  

L3 – Applied research; development of technological products for industry; direct cooperation with high-tech industries and incubators; establishing start-up companies; design incubators. The Goals of HIT's Research Authority: To be a project and research grant clearinghouse for H.I.T. researchers: To identify sources of research funding and collect, process and disseminate information about them; to help researchers prepare proposals and submit them to funding sources; guidance for faculty members on raising and managing research budgets; helping researchers negotiate research budgets. To help manage financial grants and the scientific reporting of funded research projects. To serve as a liaison for academic-industry cooperative ventures – locating and focusing on research and development activities with industry; locating and mapping out potential research partners in Israel and abroad. Promoting the institute's research and development policy – initiating and leading business initiatives and cooperative ventures in Israel and abroad with the aim of advancing and developing knowledge centers, innovation and excellence at the institute. To provide data and reports on the funded research activities of faculty members and to update them as needed.