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On words and photographs: theory and practice in contemporary photography

The new book by Dr. Shlomo Abrahamov, from the Department of Learning Technologies, recently won the 2012 research grant from the Pais Council for Culture and Arts, as well as a research scholarship from the Shpilman Institute of Photography. His book: On words and photographs: theory and practice in contemporary photography, reveals the author's artistic photographs from the last two decades and offers an original, integrative review of practical and theoretical aspects from the unique standpoint of the creator.
from Avrahamov's book

Dr. Abrahamov is a staff member in the Department for Learning Technologies who teaches photography in the Faculty of Design and his book deals with theoretical research on meanings in past and present photography, a topic intensively studied by the author in recent years.
Dr. Abrahamov: "My photos present the uniqueness of photography as they relate to philosophical texts, by enabling the viewer to engage in deep deliberations through observation of daily objects. In this manner, we may be enabled to reach the sublime, and even the metaphysical, from the most routine environments."