Awards & Achievements

The new book by Dr. Shlomo Abrahamov, from the Department of Learning Technologies, recently won the 2012 research grant from the Pais Council for Culture and Arts, as well as a research scholarship from the Shpilman Institute of Photography.

We continue to receive news of impressive research grants being won by HIT researchers and scientists. This time, the congratulations are for Prof. Eugene Kanzieper from Faculty of Sciences and Dr. Ronen Shoshnik from the Faculty of Engineering for winning the most prestigious research grants sponsored by the Israel Science Foundation!

Warmest congratulations to the research team of Dr. Rafi Berchan and Dr. Nissim Harel, in the Faculty of Sciences at HIT, and Dr. Itamar Shabtai, from the College of Administration, and Prof. Moshe Lashno, from Tel-Aviv University, on receiving a research grant from the Ministry of Science and Technology at a sum total of 400,000 NIS for the next three years.

Warmest congratulations to Mrs. Shlomit Bauman, from the Faculty of Design, on winning the 2012 Design Award sponsored by the Ministry of Culture and Sport.

We are proud to announce that Dr. Elad Segev, from the Faculty of Science, won the first prize awarded by the Israel Diabetes Association within the framework of a joint project, conducted with a team of physicians and researchers from the Sourasky Medical Center in Tel Aviv

Dr. Shlomo Abrahamov, from the Dept. of Learning Technologies, for winning the support of the Pais Council for Culture and Arts for the year 2012 for his book: On Words and Photographs: Theory and Practice in Contemporary Photography.

Congratulations to Mrs. Ella Adital, lecturer in design and sustainability in the HIT Faculty of Design for being selected as "One of the four young people leading change in the world"

Congratulations to Prof. Eugene Kanzieper from the Science Faculty and Dr. Ronen Shoshnik from the Faculty of Engineering for winning the most prestigious research grant from the Israel Science Foundation.

Our warmest congratulations for Dr. Yuval Beck and his "MAGNET ISG" group – for winning a second-year research grant from the "Smartest Network in Israel" Project.

Our warmest congratulations to Prof. Motti Haredim for winning a large research grant within the security system project for the development of a prototype of "Safe Antenna for a Soldier."