Technology Transfer Office


Technology Transfer Office (TTO)


A.Y.Y.T is the link between HIT and the Industry, being responsible for the commercialization of know-how, inventions and patents of HIT’s researchers.


HIT’s added value as an academic and applied research center lies in its ability to bring theoretical ideas into real life by hosting under one roof the complete R&D cycle, involving its scientists, engineers, designers, technology managers and instructional technologists.


A.Y.Y.T works closely with HIT researchers to identify the right commercial opportunities for their invention/innovation. In order to ensure successful technology transfer, A.Y.Y.T’s experienced business team works in close collaboration with the researchers whose knowledge, contacts and technological understanding are important to the success of the commercialization process.


In addition, researchers’ steady involvement in the product development by the licensing partner is crucial to the development of the end-product.



Roles of the Tech Transfer Office:

  • Ensure adequate patent protection
  • Provide business guidance and commercial assessment
  • Identify appropriate partners for licensing and joint ventures
  • Communicate new inventions and innovations
  • Potential partners networking
  • Contract negotiation
  • Creation of startup companies
  • Secure R&D funding




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Taly Malach Banaim

Taly Malach Banaim
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