How to get to HIT




Pricewise, sherut taxi fares are a set price and similar to bus fares. They usually reach their destination faster and tend to be less crowded. Sheruts operate both inter and intra-city routes and can be easily accessed from right outside Tel Aviv Central Bus Station.


By simply raising your hand, you can flag down a sherut and ask the driver to drop you off at any point along the route. You can hand the driver your fare as you get on the taxi, or you can take your seat and pass your money down to the driver. Not to worry-your change will be passed back to you. Note that while sheruts operate on Shabbat (Friday night and Saturday), fares will increase by a few shekels.


"Rav Kav" card

It is a personal electronic pre-paid card that can be charged at the stations' cashiers and used for travelling by either railway or bus. The card is insured and may be easily reissued if lost, stolen or damage. As a student, you are entitled to a 33% discount. In order to benefit from the discount, bring your study enrollment certificate along with your student card and your ID. You may purchase the card at the following train stations: Tel Aviv Hashalom, Tel Aviv Savidor Center or Tel Aviv University.



There are discounts for children, senior citizens, the disabled and students. You can buy single rides, monthly subsections, or an all-in-one public transportation pass.  Tickets and passes can be purchased on the bus, or at central bus stations.



Israel Railways runs train services within Israel. Trains are a fast and comfortable alternative to buses for many destinations. If you leave outside Holon and wish to get to HIT by train, you will go down at the train station Bat Yam – Yoseftal. From there you may either walk 15 minutes on Eliezer Hoofein Street or take bus #2א / 99 that will drop you in front of the Institute.