Key Multidisciplinary


Key Multidisciplinary R&D Centers and Labs




Center for Applied Technological Research and Development for the Elderly
A leading international applied research center, based at HIT, focusing on R&D of holistic innovative solutions for various challenges faced the elderly population; CARE was founded in collaboration with major medical centers and HMOs in Israel. It is a unique center where different stakeholders such as academia, healthcare providers, Hi-Tech industries and various services can combine forces to exchange knowledge and tackle predicaments related to the aging population from a multidisciplinary perspective.

Cyber Security

Aims at conducting research both on the academic and applied levels, on topics such as forensics, reverse engineering, analysis of former cyber events, ongoing follow-up on cyber-attacks, organizations and groups and the spread of attack tools, building futuristic systems etc. The center addresses cyber challenges and solutions from a multidisciplinary approach, involving all faculties at HIT as well as regulatory organizations and cyber-related companies.
Contact us: Dr. Harel Menashri


Smart, Intelligent & Adaptive Systems Lab
Multidisciplinary, Action & Real-World oriented, SIAS focuses on enhancing the end-to-end management of outstanding events such as failure, emergency or disaster. SIAS researches and develops innovative methodologies and advanced systems aimed at providing support to anticipation, mitigation, response operations and recovery program. SIAS collaborates with local and international academic institutions and Industry.
Contact us: Dr. Arriel Benis