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A joint conference between the Holon Institute of Technology (HIT) and University of Samarkand will take place online for 2 daysbetween October 16-17 to discuss “Food Security: National and Global Challenges”.The conference theme reflects the Government of Uzbekistan’s decision to invest resources in the digitization of agriculture.This is the fifth conference that HIT and the University of Samarkand have held, but the first among them to deal entirely with the subject of agricultural technology. The institutions share a joint program in mathematics and technology management and ongoing STEM collaborations.

The international mathematics conference " FRONTIER IN MATHEMATICS AND COMPUTER SCIENCE " is taking place online this week (Oct 12-15, 2020). The 4-day conference aims to examine new directions in function theory, algebra, differential equations and mathematical physics, differential geometry, mathematics, topology smart-technologies and databases and their application.

A journey to Pandemia. 3D Digital Exhibition, “Vitrina Gallery”, HIT holon Institute of Technology

A proud moment for HIT and its Faculty of Design. Two recent graduates from the Faculty won the Italian Industrial Design Association’s most prestigious award, the 2020 “Compasso d'Oro” in Milan this month.

Only a few days after the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding with Kazan Federal University  (KFU), the first joint Webinar between the Russian and Israeli institutions took place. The Webinar, which was conducted via Zoom, was attended by Dr. Nava Shaked from HIT and Dr. Dimitri Chirkin and Dr. Elena Gurobots from KFU.

Prof. Edward Yakubov, President of HIT, shares his thoughts on the Uzbek President's speech at the UN

Great news to start off this Jewish New Year (Rosh Ha-Shana)! An important MoU was signed digitally between Israel’s Holon Institute of Technology (HIT) and Kazan Federal University (KFU), Russia.

For the 3rd time in a row, the Israeli Council for Higher Education granted financial support to HIT's internationalization process.

The COVID-19 crisis created a new and exciting opportunity for this year's graduates. Many of the presented projects deal with solutions to anxiety and stress, preserving the environment and contributing to the community, creative solutions for dealing with the new reality, seeking the meaning for existence, conflicts in society, global and political issues, many exciting personal and human stories, and more fascinating outcomes.

HIT&HOT NEWS. This month's edition is dedicated to our amazing students and we take this opportunity to introduce you to some of their personal stories. In these challenging times, they keep on volunteering for the good of the community and the environment. Due to the length of this edition, we divided it into two parts.