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These awards are the reflection of their deep investment, hard work, efforts, and excellence in research. HIT supports its researchers and continuously invests in its research infrastructures.

Eight projects reached the final stage and will receive financial support as a result of the Open Call by the FUTURE Investment Fund, established by HIT’s Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center.  Two of the projects were ranked 1st and 3rd in the national competition organized by the Council for Higher Education (CHE) which included 52 projects submitted by 18 different academic institutions. 

HIT’s fourth new study program approved by the CHE in record time. The Council for Higher Education (CHE) approved a new Master's degree program with thesis (MSc) in Technology Management, a welcome addition to the highly regarded graduate program in Technology Management, which already offers an MSc without thesis.

Conference Celebrating the 18th Anniversary of Hebrew Wikipedia was hosted by the Faculty of Instructional Technologies.

HIT's mission for years has been to develop and strengthen ties, in various fields, with academic institutions around the world, including Central Asian countries. The Institute is collaborating with over one hundred and ten academic institutions in around 35 countries.

What will the organization's training system look like? How do you still stay relevant? Dr. Eran Gal was recently appointed head of the Postgraduate studies program with a specialization in organizational learning, in the Faculty of Educational Technologies, stating his vision for the future of the field.

Dr. Eran Gal, was appointed as Head of the Postgraduate Program At the Faculty of Instrucitonal Technologies.

Technological advances and the assimilation of new developments within old industries, are creating changes in the labor market. Therefore, there is an urgent and vital need to establish a strategic master plan to map the necessary technologies and skills and to formulate them into curricula that will include courses, trainings and advanced training, which will ensure that employees of the automotive mechanics industry, as well as other industries, do not become unemployed.

The corona pandemic has forced us to get along in personal spaces and reduce the number of encounters with other people.

HIT - Holon Institute of Technology has entered into a collaborative partnership with the prestigious Stieglitz St. Petersburg State Academy of Arts and Design. The historic virtual meeting between institutional heads cemented future cooperation between respective faculty and students in the areas of design, education, science, research and innovation.