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All members of the first graduating class of the Network Management and Information Security course in the School of Certificate Studies found gainful employment in the field.

An International Mathematics Workshop was held in honor of the 70th birthday of Prof. Eduard Yakubov, President of HIT.

Prof. David Perry and Prof. Shaul Bar-Lev of HIT's Faculty of Industrial Engineering & Technology Management, recently received a substantial 3-year grant from the Israel Science Foundation (ISF) to develop an innovative mathematical model for cash management. 

Students of engineering and applied mathematics dive in to the world of research and tackle real health issues in the practical world of digital medicine.

Ironically, Israel’s speedy and effective response to COVID-19 provides a rare opportunity to bring our scientists home. An Opinion Editorial by Prof. Eduard Yakubov, President of HIT 

2021 Graduate Exhibition of the Faculty of Design HIT Holon Institute of Technology

HIT congratulates Dr. Heftsi Ragones from The Faculty of Electric and Electronics Engineering and The Department of Digital Medical Technologies for receiving the prestigious award by the United States - Israel Binational Science Foundation (BSF), on her research proposal.

To further advance HIT’s efforts to extend its global network to the United Arab Emirates and the Gulf countries, Dr. Nader Salti, a renowned medical figure on the Dubai health scene, together with Israeli businessman Yoram Raviv, visited campus today.

HIT joins the small prestigious circle of institutions certified by the Ministry of Transportation and Road Safety to establish an automotive laboratory which will inspect and test vehicles, approve transport products and oversite of local manufacturers.

A final project culminating 3-year undergraduate degree in Instructional Technologies helps train pre-teens in practical management skills.