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A fork, toothbrush and drinking glass with special sensors were developed at HIT's Medical Assistive Design and Engineering Laboratory (MADE) in order to collect data to help detect Essential Tremor in patients.

Prestigious international conference, co-chaired by Dr. Refael Barkan and Dr. Hadas Lewy, addressed core issues of digital medicine and the implications of the Corona pandemic for therapeutic models in Digital Medical Technologies.

A prestigious grant from the Bio-convergence Program of the Innovation Authority was awarded to Dr. Michal Balberg of the Faculty of Electrical and Electronics Engineering.

An innovative algorithm for identifying quotations and references in Jewish-historical texts, developed at the department of computer sciences, receives a grant from the Ministry of Science and Technology.

A prestigious grant was awarded by the Ministry of Science to HIT, together with Ariel University and the Kaplan Medical Center, to promote applied projects and encourage entrepreneurship among researchers in academia. The grant also aims to provide a financial bridge between earlier stages of a project deemed as potentially commercially toward its further development.

For his appointment as Chief of Academic Staff at HIT.

Historic Visit: Academic collaboration between HIT and the UAE Ministry of Education Explored in First On-Site Visit

The Diverse Worlds of Archimedes: An Intriguing Look at the Everlasting Impact of a 3,000 Year-Old Genius

For his appointment as HIT's Rector.

As a 16-year-old young woman who emigrated to Israel on her own. with no family for support, she faced many challenges. Not only did she have to acclimate herself to a new land and culture, but she also lost her beloved father during this process. Both the ‘aliya’ and the devastating loss of the father to whom she was so very close defined who she was and toward what she strived in her personal journey for self-fulfillment.