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HIT's management visit the "Harry Oppenheimer Diamond Museum"

HIT's management forum was invited as guests of the Diamond Museum and the Technological Center of the Diamond institute.

Mr. Pinhas Pozeilov, one of the founders of Israel's diamond industry and a member of the museum's board of directors, talked in his opening speech about the development of the Israeli diamond stock exchange, its geographical location and its position in the international diamond industry.

He also mentioned the vast possibilities that exist for collaboration between the industry and HIT and the numerous proposals he had received from the management and president of the diamond's stock exchange to carry out this collaboration.

Prof. Eduard Yakubov, President of HIT,, Mr. Pinhas Pozeilov-member of the board of directors, Ronit Pozeilov- entrepreneur, Nurit Shochat- manager of the Diamond Museum's instruction Department.

During the visit, the forum was introduced to technology that is involved in mining, processing and polishing of the diamonds, as well as to exhibitions which show the various polish processes and diamond set products in all shapes and colors.

Noga Raved, the museum's curator presenting Prof. Eduard Yakubov, HIT's president the exhibition's book " "Protective Force: Egyptian Scarabs from Gemstones”.

The Diamond institute's technological center provides various solutions for diamond polishing in Israel including computerized checks to establish the cleanliness level of the diamonds, various polishing methods and costs.

The tour was led by Mr. Menachem Mualem, the center's manager. Both parties expressed their anticipation to future collaboration and ended the tour in the traditional diamond dealers' greeting "Mazal and Bracha" (Furtune and Blessing)