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HIT’s International Flair is Back

Student Exchange Program for 2021-22 has re-opened

Sixteen students from all over Europe – our first group of international students in the post-Covid-19 era -- have arrived at the HIT campus to study here alongside their Israeli peers.


The students will take part in a variety of classes and workshops, including design studies and multidisciplinary courses, and one researcher is even set to join our robotics lab!

Mr. Yaad Ilani, from the Student Association, has volunteered to accompany them and assist with all their needs.

The students hail from Austria, Czech Republic (via Sochi, Russia), Germany, Spain, Finland (via Venice, Italy) France, USA (via Germany) and India.

Maayan Reiter- studies design at the Technische Hochschule Köln, Germany:
“I am originally from Israel, and have been living in Germany for the past few years. I chose to come to HIT because of its wonderful Design Faculty, and the high level of studies. The past two years have been so challenging and complicated, and it feels great being able to tour my native homeland.”

Juliette Raoul-Duval- studies robotics at EPF, Paris, France:
“I arrived in Israel for a 4-month internship in biomechanics and robotics at HIT. I was surprised by how welcoming the people are and how big and modern the campus is. I can’t wait to learn more in the labs about robots but also discover the Israeli culture and landscape before I return home.”

The students will stay with for the coming semester, during which they will participate in a range of English-taught courses, take part in our "Soft Skills Academy", and travel across Israel on tours organized by the International Students Office. In the spring semester, a new group of students will be joining us, rounding off an exciting academic year ahead at HIT.

In addition, twenty one HIT students from the Faculty of Design have embarked on a semester abroad as part of HIT’s Student Exchange program, and will study in various leading academic institutions throughout Europe.

Posted: 18/10/2021