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The 1st International Soft Skills Academy for students


Between November 16th and December 17th 2020, HIT, in collaboration with the Hellenic Mediterranean University (HMU), Greece, ran the 1st International Soft Skills Academy for students. The idea was born last summer, after HIT's Entrepreneurship and Innovation Center – FutureHIT- had launched the Soft Skills Academy for Israeli students.




It was really nice!

Thank you very much for a very well structured workshop

Great Presentations! Thank you for making my afternoons interesting!

The workshop gave us the all the necessary tools to enrich our knowledge and our performance, while also gave us the chance to interact with people from all over the world and really feel like we have new friends! I really enjoyed it!

It was even better than I expected, it was really nice to learn all the tips, I'll love to put them in practice!!!


Incredibly well prepared, knowledge packed in digestible units and great mix of media


HIT's International Office, in collaboration with FutureHIT and HMU chose to offer the program free of charge not only to their respective students but to all students interested in learning and making the most of their winter, no matter their geographical situation or home institution.


This initiative comes in the frame of the internationalization of HIT and of its internationalization at home process; in answer to the inability to send Israeli students abroad or host foreign students on campus due to the pandemic.


Within a few days, the 1st International Soft Skills Academy for students recorded 2,000 registrations. With a total of 536 participants, students thus registered on average to 4 lectures. The large majority of the participants came from the Politécnico do Porto, Portugal, followed by HIT' and HMU' students.


In order to benefit researchers, academic and administrative staff as well, a similar International Soft Skills Academy for staff was adapted. The 1st session will take place between January 18th and February 4th 2021. For further information and for registration visit our website.


HIT and HMU plan on running this program throughout this academic year and beyond. It will seek to provide thousands of students from all over the world with the missing soft skills so dearly needed in today's world.


Amount of participants per institution – as per the registration database:


Institutions Country Amount of participants
Politécnico do Porto Portugal 145
HIT Israel 83
HMU Greece 34
RUDN Russia 23
University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria Austria 17
EPMI-ECAM France 15
AP Hogeschool Belgium 13
Strate School of Design France 7
HS Ansbach Germany 6
HTW Dresden Germany 4
Universidad de Aveiro Spain 3
Kaunas University of Applied Sciences Lithuania 2
SDS France 2
Ucal Peru 2
University of Arts and industrial design  Linz Austria 2
Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw Poland 1
Management Center Innsbruck Austria 1
Politecnico di Milano Italy 1
Universität Bayreuth Germany 1
Weizmann Institute Israel 1
Universite de Tour France 1
N/A N/A 172





Posted: 07/01/2021