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Regular contact with the industry, gives students an advantage in the job market

Connection between academia and industry, in HIT in general and in the Faculty of Instructional Technologies in particular, is not just a phrase.

Yanay Zaguri, Lecturer and Head of Final Projects in the Faculty of Instructional Technologies, explains: "Ties with industry are intertwined in most of our courses. 
Exercises in the various courses are test cases which were taken directly from the industry. Assessments in the courses are made according to the industry standards and the language spoken in the courses is also taken from the jargon of the industry.


application for new employees at ''Super-Pharm''

application for new employees at "Super-Pharm"

But most of all, our students get to experience a complete course, one of the most significant courses, within the industry. The course is the final projects course - a mandatory course for all our students
Every graduate of Instructional Technologies gets to participate in a project that is carried out for real learners, in a real organization solving a real problem. The courses include a combined challenge of studying and technology and makes students reflect on everything they've learned during the three years of the degree studies.

As part of the course, students perform an entire process, from setting goals to complete product development. The process is performed in front of a customer from a real organization. The organizations are diverse and pose challenges of all kinds, our students strive for an entire year to the point where they provide the organization with a digital instructional solution that adds value to the organization.


Mobile site that places for the instructors at ''Marine Scouts''

Mobile site that places for the instructors at "Marine Scouts" 

The final project is an excellent opportunity for students to learn the work processes in the industry and apply all the material studied towards the degree. The project also helps students learn about the way things are done in organizations, even during the degree.

The companies with which the projects were made are leading companies and the products made are diverse. A project can be a design development and a tutorial development, such as a cash register for new employees in the "Super Pharm" chain.

Another example of a project is a mobile-adapted learning site, such as the site that was developed for the Kravitz office supply chain. Or a playful learning environment, such as the learning environment that was developed for the Tel Aviv Marine Scouts Organization.


A generator of learning games ''Games of Fire'' which was developed for the Fire Authority 

A generator of learning games "Games of Fire" which was developed for the Fire Authority 


A final project can also be a significant solution for a large organization, such as the "Playing with Fire"- learning game generator, developed for the Fire Department. "Playing with Fire" is a tool that allows a firefighter to write, edit and distribute learning games. In practice these games measure the level of knowledge of the learners, while providing them with a fun simple experience. On the one hand the learner plays against his friends and on the other hand the organization has a clear picture of the level of knowledge within. This project helps to raise the professional level of the firefighters, by maintaining regular professional competence through performing exercises in the mobile device.

The combination of academic studies which are applied in the industry allows our students to integrate into quality jobs in industry immediately upon completion of their studies and many of them even while still studying.


Links to selected projects:

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