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"Complex and Harmonic Analysis" international conference at HIT

Guest speakers from 15 countries attend "Complex and Harmonic Analysis" international conference at HIT
Photographer: Maya Nakar.
65 leading experts in Modern Analysis came to attend and lecture at the "3rd Complex and Harmonic Analysis" International conference at HIT.
Among them are lecturers from the following 15 countries: the Czech Republic, Colombia, Germany, Finland, France, Israel, Italy, Norway, Japan, Russia, Spain, Turkey, Ukraine, USA, Uzbekistan. 

The conference is held in memory of Prof. Uri Srebro, a world known and widely appreciated in the mathematical community and an expert in Complex and Modern Analysis and takes place in both HIT and the Technion in Haifa.

Prof. Eduard Yakubov President of HIT and a close friend of the late  Prof. Srebro, said that he was a well-known and widely appreciated in the mathematical worldwide community as an expert in Complex and Modern Analysis. He was a thorough and meticulous person and had attributed great importance to aesthetics in both his personal and professional life.  We've published 2 research books together and tens of papers in prestigious magazines. He was a dear friend and I miss him ", said Prof. Yakubov.

Prof. Yakubov
Prof. Eduard Yakubov. Photographer: Maya Nakar.
Uri Srebro was born in 1936 in Tel Aviv. He obtained all his academic degrees from the "Technion" and had completed his postdoctoral studies at the University of Minnesota and research at Universities of Illinois and University of Helsinki. Upon his return to the Technion in 1969, he devoted all his energy as an active member and later Dean of the Faculty of Mathematics until his retirement.

His areas of research and interest included quasi-conformal and quasi-regular mappings, Beltrami equations, branched folded mappings, covering theorems for meromorphic functions, immersions of manifolds and discrete Moebius groups.

Uri Srebro served as the Chair of the Supreme Appointment Committee at HIT, as a member of the Supreme Academic Council, and as an active member of the Steering Committee for undergraduate program in Industrial Mathematics.

To commemorate his great contribution HIT's management decided to name the Hybrid BCI Brain Computer Interface (BCI) Laboratory after him.

The lab was opened in October 2013 at the Engineering Faculty as part of the Center for Bio-engineering. The main research focuses on the development of motor imagery-based BCIs for the treatment and rehabilitation of stroke patients. The work involves the development of novel multi-dimensional signal processing techniques.

The staff includes Dr. Ronen Sosnik, a neurologist and the Head of the lab, Dr. Refael Barkan, head of the R&D and External relations authority.
The Conference's Scientific Committee:
Mark Agranovsky, Bar-Ilan University
Daoud Bshouty, The Technion
Mark Elin, ORT Braude College
Hershel Farkas, Hebrew University
Anatoly Golberg and David Shoikhet, Holon Institute of Technology
Mikhail Sodin, Tel-Aviv University
Lawrence Zalcman, Bar-Ilan University.
HIT's organizing committee:
Prof. Anatoly Golberg, Prof.Eugene Kanzieper, Dr. Michael Kroyter, María Elena Luna-Elizarrarís

The conference's sponsors were:
The Technion, Bar Ilan University, Ort Braude College, The Galilee Research Center for Applied Mathematics of Ort Braude College