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R&D and External Relations Authority heads participated in an international conference in Kaunas

For several years now, HIT participates in the ERASMUS+ program under the hospices of the European Commission along most European institutions of higher education. Among the numerous activities sponsored by the Erasmus+ program is the "International Credit Mobility" that co-finances the exchange of students and staff –be they administrative or academic staff.
In early April of this year, under the Erasmus+ program, Dr. Refael Barkan and Dr. Guy Yoskovitz, respectively Head and Deputy Director of the Research, Development and External Relations Authority at HIT, have attended the international week held at Kaunas Kolegija University of Applied Sciences in Kaunas, Lithuania. Both Dr. Barkan and Dr. Yoskovitz were part of the scientific committee of the conference "INNOVATIVE (ECO) TECHNOLOGY, ENTREPRENEURSHIP AND REGIONAL DEVELOPMENT" - one of the main highlights of this international event.
Dr. Yoskovitz
In addition, Dr. Barkan was a keynote speaker at the conference and his lecture on "Digital Medicine: Big Data and IoT in Medicine" was highly praised. Dr. Yoskovitz' lecture on "Bioethics and Technology in the 21st Century" opened the Chair session and stirred up great interest.
In parallel to their participation in the International Week and the Conference, Dr. Barkan and Dr. Yoskovitz held a number of tours and meetings aimed at promoting additional collaborations and expanding the already existing collaborations between the two Institutions.
Additional details about the International Week and the conference were extensively published by the Host Institution: