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A unique and emotional project of the Department of Visual Communication with "Yad Vashem"


Commemoration of the Holocaust through emotional videos of the students.



Every year, students from the Department of Visual Communication Design create videos about the Holocaust for "Yad Vashem" - the International School for Holocaust Studies and the Museums Division. The videos are inspired by personal stories and items collected by Yad Vashem from Holocaust survivors and their families.

The project began about a decade ago with the announcement by Yad Vashem of a national operation to "collect the debris" – collecting documents, certificates, diaries, photographs, objects and works of art from the Holocaust period, which are in the hands of private individuals in the country.


Masha Polak-Rosenberg, Director of the Department of Instruction and Education at the International School for Holocaust Studies, talks about the collaboration: "There is no doubt that the videos arouse admiration, amazement and enthusiastic responses and allow to refresh and diversify Holocaust teaching and commemoration. "It is possible for large audiences to be exposed to the personal and exciting story of the survivors through items delivered to the shift in a creative, original and fresh way. I hope that this collaboration will continue to grow and contribute to shaping the Holocaust memory in Israel and around the world".


Dana Ben David, Media Course Facilitator in the Department of Visual Communication, HIT: "This project was born about a decade ago and since then, creative and talented students have been engaged every year and contribute their talent to this important goal. The creative and different ways allow us to bring the stories in an experiential and fun way that speaks to them in a special way and helps them connect to this important issue".



The videos are available online:

on channel 13 on channel 13's website



Posted: 12/04/2021