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HIT students won 3rd place in an International Hackathon


Award winning app. and bot, developed by HIT's Computer Sciences' students for the "March of Heroism" Hackathon.



An android App. and bot designed to help Holocaust Heroes (survivors) to overcome their loneliness and receive assistance, developed by seven students from the Department of Computer Sciences at the Faculty of Sciences, have won the 3rd. place at the Passover "March of Heroism" Hackathon.


"March of Heroism", a national project, that allows the transition from passive to active memory - while assimilating the memory in daily activities, set itself the goal of making the memory of the Holocaust accessible, and present in our daily lives.


The purpose of the hackathon was to develop products for Holocaust survivors.


The project makes the memory of the Holocaust an engine of inspiration for creating a better present and future, emphasizing that the heroism of the survivors and the perished should be a part of our daily lives and even a way of life that harnesses action for the other under the heading "do and don't forget".


This is the second year that the hackathon takes place and this year the students Ram Serfian, Amitai Bitton, Adi Levy, Daniel Markov, Ohad Edri, May Natanand and Meital Harunian all of whom are in their second year in the Department of Computer Science, took part in it.



They have won the 3rd. and most honorable place Among over 500 participants from around the world, for developing a product divided into two: an easy-to-use Android App installed on the elderly person's phone that allows them to send a message to a group of volunteers to which they are assigned. The Bot allows the volunteers to register in order to connect them with the seniors.



Ram Serfian explains: "The problem of loneliness is one of the most difficult problems that characterizes the elderly and is especially severe among the Holocaust survivors group. Our development allows the elderly person to communicate with volunteers and contact them with just one click and a button that is large and easy to use.


We have decided to enter the hackathon because of the sense of gratitude and social contribution that comes with making life easier for Holocaust survivors and because of the opportunity to gain practical experience in planning a project of this kind."


The panel of judges was large and included on behalf of HIT, Dr. Yulia Einav, Dean of Students and Ms. Tamar Shmueli, VP Marketing.



Posted: 04/04/2021