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"From tests to games"- Grant to develop innovative alternatives

Dr. Hagit Meishar Tal and Dr. Meital Amzaleg, both from the Faculty of Instructional Technologies, received a grant of 100,000 NIS from the Higher Education Council's Planning and Budgeting Committee, and an additional amount from HIT, to encourage unique and innovative activities for improving the quality of teaching and learning in higher education institutions.



Their proposal seeks to address the need for experiential teaching and assessment, and offers an alternative to traditional tests through games. 
The project will train lecturers in the development of games, which in turn they will teach their students, for purposes of course evaluation using games instead of tradiitonal tests. The games will be developed in the game generator environment with exists in in the Faculty of Instructional Technologies.

Through academic workshops, the lecturers will be exposed to the rationale of assessment through game development and will acquire the relevant tools for development and subsequent assessment.

The project will also include an integral research compomnent which will evaluate the usefulness of the workshop and the practical application of the knowledge acquired therein. 

"This unique project trains lecturers from all fields of knowledge to use games instead of tests as a means of evaluation," says Dr. Meishar Tal "and it testifies to the recognition and openness towards innovation in the field of teaching and studying."



Posted: 10/08/2022