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Train Electrification by 2025: HIT at the Forefront of Green Transportation


The graduation ceremony marking the conclusion of the specialized training program in train electrification and green transportation for engineers was held at the Faculty of Engineering. The program was established by HIT as a joint initiative with the Israel Railways, the Electric Company, and the Metropolitan Mass Transit System Ltd.


The myriad transportation projects being carried out in Israel, such as the city rail, metro and Israel Railways electrification projects, require specialized systems engineers with specific expertise in train electrification.
The Faculty of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, under the academic management of Prof. David Almakias, was chosen to lead this training course, which was launched a year ago and featured a unique specialized curriculum.
The program is intended for electrical and electronics engineering graduates and fourth-year students specializing in power systems. 

After acquiring extensive engineering and professional knowledge in the field of train electrification, graduates of the program will have the ability to integrate and lead in the electric train industry and influence the development of the field in Israel.
As part of the program, students learned about the structure of the electrical system for train electrification, DC, AC (Traction Motors), propulsion and electronic power systems in an electric train, safety and standards, as well as electro-mechanical design of elevator networks to feed the train. There were also practical stages, including a final project and field trips.

The graduation ceremony was attended by HIT CEO, Shmuel Goldberg, the Dean of the Faculty of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Prof. Yosef Ben Ezra, the Program Director, Prof. David Almakias, and senior officials of the Israel Railways.
The VP of Infrastructure and the VP of Human Resources at Israel Railways, Michael Cohen, said at the ceremony that this is a vision that is becoming a reality. According to him, this is one of the most significant projects undertaken by the Israel Railways. The electrification of the trains is expected to be completed by 2025, and this is indeed one of the biggest challenges today. 

"Our vision is to develop a knowledge hub in Israel together with academic bodies, and together to create career pathways for engineers to develop the infrastructure in the country."


Prof. Yosef Ben Ezra, Dean of the Faculty of Electrical and Electronics Engineering at HIT: "This program is a breakthrough that will change the entire labor market in Israel and we are proud to be part of it. We see it as a great privilege, because it advances the vision of the Faculty to lead smart and green transportation in Israel. The whole world understands the importance of green transportation and renewable energies today, and the engineers of the future will need to equip themselves with dedicated tools that will allow them to lead these fields in Israel and the world."

Posted: 04/08/2022