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"Women of Valor"

Certificates of Appreciation to Six Women with Groundbreaking Achievements


HIT hosts the The Ambassadors Club of Israel on the occasion of International Women’s Day.



The Friends of HIT hosted the Ambassadors' Club of Israel for a special event dedicated to "International Women's Day". The Club’s prestigious Certificates of Appreciation were presented to groundbreaking women in their respective field by Mr. Yitzhak Eldan, its President.


The event was attended by ambassadors and consuls of Croatia, Finland, France, Ghana, Latvia, Lithuania, Myanmar, Nepal, Paraguay, Slovenia and Thailand, as well as numerous business executives, journalists and popular Israeli singer,  Einat Sarouf.


Prof. Eduard Yakubov, President of HIT, said in his welcome speech that the Institute is proud to provide the venue at which these outstanding women were to be honored. “HIT encourages and celebrates the achievements of women not just on this special day, but all year long as a matter of principle.”


Choosing HIT as the site to host the event is not incidental, since the Institute's mission sees the advancement of women and gender equality as one of its overriding priorities. Over the years, HIT continues to increase the number of women among its faculty and encourages their advancement, especially in the STEM professions.


This is accomplished through dedicated programs such as the ' Women’s Leadership Program', designed for outstanding students majoring in the technology professions. It provides training, mentorship and scholarships for these talented female students.


This new program joins the “Chosen” program which bridges between the academe and industry, now in its fifth year. In order to reduce gender gaps in the labor market and place women on the path to economic security and enhanced professional status, the program provides training in management and soft skills, with the aim of maximizing leadership capabilities.


As part of its community service mission, HIT has also taken upon itself the encouragement of young girls to learn computer programming. This project, established in cooperation with the non-profit organization Alice Code, is dedicated to de-mystifying the world of computer science for women at an early age, in this way, overcoming the gender gap that has traditionally led to their exclusion. The program is based on a circular track of curriculum, which allows the graduates of the program a soft integration into the high-tech employment world.



Prof. Adir Pridor, Chairman of HIT’s Executive Committee, said that the essence of the Institute's role is to impart knowledge that can be applied in the industry locally in Israel and globally. "It is no coincidence that the words 'wisdom' (hochma) and 'intelligence' (sechel) use the female form", said Prof. Pridor. "Technology and science are one of the best means of creating collaborations between peoples and nations, and the Institute encourages its academic faculty to create a network of global partnerships”.


Recipients of the Award:

Prof. Idit Matot, Director of the Department of Anesthesiology, Intensive Care and Pain at the Tel Aviv Medical Center, for her contribution to; Prof. Irit Sagi, VP for Technology Transfer at the Weizmann Institute of Science for her contribution to public health; Ms. Benita Elkon-Baitner, leading the Vaccine Unit at Pfizer Israel, for her contribution to advancing health; Ms. Eva Medjiboj, Director of The Authority for the Advancement of Women, for its contribution to the advancement of women in Israel; Ms. Sarah Alaluf, Honorary Consul of Latvia; and Adv. Ruth Amit Fogel, Honorary Consul of Paraguay, for their contribution to diplomacy and international relations.

The event was organized by the HIT Friends, led by Ms. Edna Merkel.



Posted: 11/03/2021