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1.2 Million NIS Grant to 2 researchers from the Faculty of Technology management


A research proposal submitted to the Israel Ministry of Science by Dr. Eyal Brill, Dr. Josef Tanny from the faculty of Technology Management together with a researcher from the Volcani Institute of Agricultural research, Dr. Ofer Rosenstein, was approved for funding.


תמונה ללא תיאור


The Subject of the research is the use of data for real-time optimization of crops growth functions.


The duration of the project is three years and the approved budget is 1.2 million NIS. The project will employ students from the technology management faculty.

In agriculture it is customary to calculate the amount of water required for a crop based on fixed coefficients. In recent years, these calculations have been improved based on individual calculations for each plant according to the conditions in which it is located and according to the actual growth rate.
The study will develop a system that calculates the optimal water quantity according to updated weather data, current clouds and humidity measurements received from satellites on hourly basis.

The role of the HIT team will be to develop the system that processes the satellite data and adjusts the amount of water to the crop’s growth function. It is estimated that the amount of received data will be large and will require implementation of a Big-Data technology. The final goal of the project is the development of a  web-based system that will be accessible to agricultural users in an easy to use manner.

Posted: 20/01/2019