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Prof. Eduard Yakubov hosted a delegation of senior higher education officials from Uzbekistan in HIT

In honor of the 30th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Uzbekistan and Israel and on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of Uzbekistan's independence, a delegation of senior officials from the country's higher education system visited HIT


Prof. Yakubov, HIT's president, Mr. Goldberg CEO, Mrs. levy external relation, Mr. Mishan Senior Advisor to the President, Dr. mishten Faculty of Industrial Engineering and Technology Management, Members of the Uzbekistan delegation

Prof. Eduard Yakubov, HIT's president, Samuel Goldberg CEO, Toni levy external relation, Mordechai Mishan Senior Advisor to the President, Dr. irina mishten Faculty of Industrial Engineering and Technology Management, Members of the Uzbekistan delegation
Photo: Amnon Peri


Prof. Eduard Yakubov, President of HIT and senior officials from HIT, hosted a distinguished delegation of leaders of the higher education institutions from Uzbekistan, who arrived on an official visit to strengthen and expand existing collaborations with HIT Holon Institute of Technology.


Prof. Yakubov, HIT's president with traditional  clothing

Our President, Prof. Eduard Yakubov, in Uzbek ceremonial robe

Photo: Amnon Peri

Israel and Uzbekistan maintain a warm and long-standing relationship that includes collaboration and knowledge exchange on important issues such as: innovation, industry, agriculture, medicine, water management and more.


Professor Eduard Yakubov, President of HIT Holon Institute of Technology, greeted the delegation saying "The visit was held at an exciting time when Uzbekistan is celebrating 30 years of independence. The festival of Navroz (a new day) a local holiday which occurred recently, symbolizes light and renewal and integrates perfectly with Ramadan, the Muslim's world holy month which is all about common values for all religions: health, happiness and family, all of which remind us all to unite around what is sacred and important to us.

HIT collaborates with 130 academic institutions worldwide, in 35 countries, including Uzbekistan. Students from Uzbekistan complete a bachelor's degree in Computer Sciences and Applied Mathematics at HIT and continue their path in high-tech development in Uzbekistan. We are happy to help them mobilize the beginnings of the high-tech industry there.

We strive for students from Uzbekistan to forge personal and professional ties with the Israeli high-tech industry that can contribute greatly to them and of course strengthen the international ties between the countries. 

My dream is that Israeli high-tech companies will see Uzbekistan as potential for the establishment of local companies or branches that will lead to a wave of innovation and technological advancement there, so they will be able to support irrigation technologies and modern agriculture that is important to them. Another issue is improving the export methods of cotton crops that characterize the country as well as advancing solar energy. In all of this, we' as a leading nation in high-tech can help.


On behalf of HIT participated in the meeting:
Prof. Eduard Yakubov, President of HIT
Dr. Refael Barkan, Vice President for Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Internationalization
Prof. Adir Pridor, Chairman of executive committee
Mr. Shmuel Goldberg, HIT's CEO 
Prof. Shaul Bar-Lev, HIT's Rector
Prof. Anatoly Golberg, Head of the Department of Mathematics, Faculty of Sciences
Prof. Eugene Levner, Academic Officer for Undergraduate Programs in Computer Science at the Faculty of Sciences
Dr. Michael Kroyter, Chief of Academic Staff
Faculty of Sciences | Head of the applied mathematics program
Dr. Irena Milstein, Head of the Undergraduate Program at the Faculty of Industrial Engineering and Technology Management
Mrs. Tony Levy, External Relations Officer (ERO) - President's office
Mrs. Yulia Gonchar, Head of the Office of the President of HIT

The distinguished members of the delegation from Uzbekistan:
Prof. Obijon Hamidov, Rector Bukhara State University 
Dr. Akmal Akhatov, Vice-Rector Samarkand State University 
Dr. Khikmat Saburov, Vice-Rector National University of Uzbekistan 
Mr. Zafar Ibragimov, Vice-Rector Urgench State University 
Academic Prof. Saidasror Gulamov, Director Friendship Society Uzbekistan-Israel 
Prof. Shohista Maksudova, Deputy Chairman Friendship Society Uzbekistan-Israel, Ministry of Higher Education of Uzbekistan 
Ministry of Foreign Affairs Uzbekistan 
Mrs. Feruza Makhmudova , Ambassador of Uzbekistan in Israel


 The collaboration with Uzbekistan is long, strong and ongoing and includes also international conferences, innovarion enents and international gatherings such as the STEMM conference in 2019 (Science, Technology, Education, Mathematics and Medicine) held in Uzbekistan, where a scientific delegation led by Prof. Eduard Yakubov, participated together with senior government officials and representatives of leading higher education institutions in Uzbekistan. The conference gathered together scientists and experts from different fields to discuss and develop new scientific initiatives and directions that strengthen the collaboration between the two countries.


Prof. Yakubov, HIT's president except Certificate of Appreciation from Prof. Hamidov, Rector Bukhara State University, Prof. Maksudova, Deputy Chairman Friendship Society Uzbekistan-Israel, Ministry of Higher Education of Uzbekistan, Mr.  Goldberg CEO

President Eduard Yakubov receives Certificate of Appreciation from Prof. Obijon Hamidov, Rector, Bukhara State University and Prof. Shohista Maksudova, Chairman, Uzbek-Israel Academic Cooperation Council in the Ministry of Higher Education.  Looking on:  Samuel Goldberg, CEO
Photo: Amnon Peri

During the five days of the conference, lectures and discussions were held on various topics such as instructional and design technologies, data science and medicine, applied mathematics, Nano-technology, complex analysis and current scientific problems. Subsequently, additional meetings and conferences were held, including an Innovation Week, all of which touched on important areas for Uzbekistan and all of which were initiated by HIT Holon Institute of Technology.
HIT also assisted young scientists from Uzbekistan in publishing research articles in the prestigious publisher "Springer", which opened many doors for them in Western countries.

The visit of the delegation at HIT was supported by the Uzbekistan Embassy in Israel, which opens a new and important page in strengthening ties and expanding collaborations between the countries in many areas such as industrial design, interior design, visual communication design, tourism technologies and agricultural innovation. 



 Posted: 05/04/2022