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Tightening academic-industrial ties between Germany and HIT

A delegation of representatives from academic institutions and manufacturers from the Thuringian region of central Germany visited HIT.

In the picture: The delegation during the 'Living Lab' tour
The delegation during the "Living Lab" tour

As part of HIT's international connections with the German Chamber of Commerce and German industry, a delegation of ten representatives from academic institutions and local manufacturers from the Thuringia region, visited HIT, accompanied by two representatives of the Israel-Germany Chamber of Commerce.

The purpose of the visit was to develop the collaboration with the institute, with a special focus on digital medical technologies, as well as to hear about the institute's experience in its collaborations with industry and the community.

The guests were presented an overview of the institute and the academic and research activities taking place here, by Ira Ivshin Guetta from the international office and also visited the "Living Lab" of the Department of Digital Medical Technologies and heard about its activities from Dr. Hadas Lewy, senior lecturer in the department.

The visit ended with a joint decision to continue to establish ties with the region of Thuringia in Germany and to promote possible collaborations in the above areas of interest.

Posted: 07/04/2022