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Tashkent-Holon: The Cooperation Continues To Grow


On Friday, March 12th, an international online meeting was held between the heads of the Holon Institute of Technology (HIT) and the National University of Uzbekistan (NUU). The participants of the meeting continued to discuss various aspects of cooperation between the two higher education institutions through joint projects and study programs, student and faculty exchange, knowledge and technologies.



The meeting was opened by the Rector of the National University of Uzbekistan, Professor Inom Majidov. He noted the importance of cooperation between the Holon Institute of Technology with higher education institutions of Uzbekistan in general and with the National University, in particular. Prof. Majidov stressed the great potential of the Holon Institute of Technology in teaching students and preparing new directions in multidisciplinary education which incorporated practical orientation.


In his remarks, the President of the Holon Institute of Technology, Professor Eduard Yakubov thanked the Rector of the National University, Inom Majidov, for his expression of appreciation. As a former student and employee of the National University, Professor Yakubov expressed his willingness to continue the promising cooperation between the two universities, which began four years ago. He emphasized that during this time, three STEM projects combining applied, scientific and humanitarian aspects were launched, international conferences were held and interesting joint projects begun.



Among these joint initiatives was a Mathematics Conference entitled "FRONTIER IN MATHEMATICS AND COMPUTER SCIENCE ", which was held from 12-15 October. It discussed opportunities for developing key areas in function theory, algebra, differential equations and mathematical physics, differential geometry, mathematics, and topology. Smart technologies, databases and their applications were also discussed. The proceedings of the conference were published in the prestigious scholarly journal Springer.


At the online-meeting, the challenges of interactions in science and business were discussed and the experience of the Holon Institute of Technology (HIT) in the development of faculty-supervised project-based learning projects in cooperation with Israeli industry was presented. Also presented was the the Job Fair model, in which HIT students participated virtually in Job Fairs organized by the Institute. Many dozens of leading Israeli companies, such as IBM, INTEL, Israel Aviation Industry, Electric Company actively participate in these fairs. HIT’s considerable experience in organizing such fairs could indeed lend itself to Uzbekistan, and would certainly be useful for the National University of Uzbekistan (NUU), whose students would have an opportunity to find jobs at leading technological companies in Uzbekistan.



A discussion on the prospects for cooperation ensued. Participating from the National University of Uzbekistan (NUU): Vice-Rector for International Relations, Ms. Raima Shirinova and the Vice-Rector for Innovation, Dr. Hikmat Saburov; from Holon Institute of Technology (HIT): Vice-President for Academic Affairs, Professor David Shoikhet and Coordinator for Eurasia, Mrs. Antoinette Levy.



Posted: 18/03/2021