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HIT in St. Petersburg

HIT and the Israeli culture Center in St. Petersburg, Russia collaborated in a unique exhibition that was presented at St. Petersburg and was curated by 3 members HIT's Faculty of Design academic staff members .

The exhibition Art, Science and Technology – An Israeli perspective displayed artworks that were made in Israel by artists adopting practices from the fields of science and technology, some in cooperation with researchers and professionals from these fields, working on co-authored projects. Among the artworks presented  some are  based on studies conducted in the fields of robotics, brain research, information technology and artificial intelligence, others are exploring alternative models of interaction and perception, all the while developing new means of production and the sensibility of a new aesthetic language

 In the past decades scientific and technological innovations more than expressing futuristic visions, come to mark a new phase in a mutating reality whose consequences in real-time we are having difficulties to comprehend. The desire to explore, and culturally metabolize, the meanings we can derive of these innovations has led many artists over the recent years to integrate in their work new means of expressions that originate with these scientific and technological inventions.
The goal of the resulting creative endeavors is to examine and expose the philosophical, political, social and cultural implications of these innovations on our human existence. Questions concerning the nature of life, and the mechanisms that comprise them, the limits of the human cognition, the relationships between the natural and artificial, the limitations on representation, and also regarding new definitions of time and space, are at the center of the artwork of these artists.

Israel is characterized by a strong and mature Hi-Tech industry accompanied by an extensive field of scientific research. Both profoundly affect its cultural atmosphere and climate. The artworks presented in the framework of this exhibition give voice to a diverse range of activities taking place in these contexts. Some attempt to innovate and explore the changing boundaries of the artistic practice, while others articulate a critical perspective at the new reality created.
Curation and Exhibition Design: Dr. Yael Eylat Van-Essen, Arch. Lila Chitayat, Dr. Sayfan Burgini
Producer: Daniil Kondratyev