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Delegation from Sinclair College, Ohio, visited HIT

A formal delegation from Sinclair College, Ohio, visited HIT in order to discuss potential collaboration with HIT in various fields specifically related to UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle).

Delegation members included: Deborah L. Norris, Senior Vice President, Workforce Development & Corporate Services and Dr. Andrew Shepherd, Head of Sinclair UAS Program.
חברי משלחת  Sinclair Community College עם נשיא המכון ונציגים נוספים
From right: Mr. Patashov, Dr. Shepherd,Prof. Shoikhet, Mrs. Bar Or, Prof. Yakubov, Mr. Heifetz, Mrs. Norris, Prof. Sadeh, Mr. Armon, Mr. Tal
From HIT – Prof. Eduard Yakubov, President of HIT, and Prof. David Shoikhet, Vice President for academic affairs introduced HIT and its activities.

In addition, Prof. Arik Sadeh, Dean of the Faculty of Technology Management and Mr. Miki Armon, a lecturer from the faculty, presented to the guests an array of relevant topics that could be a basis for collaboration between both institutions.

Mr. Yoav Tal, Head of development at Israel's Office if the Chief Scientist presented Israel's Survey Office including projects that are conducted there by HIT's students specifically those that deal with GIS.

Mr. Dimitri Patashov from the Faculty of Sciences described to the guests the various projects where the industry collaborates with HIT students.
Both parties showed interest in promoting the various options for students exchange, collaborations in research, mutual submission of propositions to grants etc.