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HIT's Faculty of Design represents Israel in the largest design event in Korea

HIT's Faculty of Design was chosen to represent Israel in the largest design event in Korea -SEOUL DESIGN FESTIVAL.
by Mr. Tamir Shefer
The Faculty's exhibition, HIGH CONTRAST presents a diverse image of contemporary Israeli design by looking at the ties between Israeli local design and Israeli daily reality. The Korean Design Festival is a well-established event ' for the past 16 years, which brings together representatives from the entire design industry and technology in Korea, and around 100,000 visitors.
by 'Reddish' studio
by 'Reddish' studio

Itay Ohaly ,the exhibition's curator : we live in a very young state with thousands years of history, which is a melting pot of nationalities, religions, cultures and traditions, co-existing together in a very complex political reality. This rich world of contrasts exists in every aspect of our daily life and penetrates into the design world. Israeli design reflects both this reality and the Israeli character.
by Mis Hila Shamia
by  Hila Shamia

Prof. Dana Arieli, Dean of the Faculty of Design: the decision to tackle questions of identity, both personal and collective, is always the result of the designer's point of view. Israeli designers create in a tense environment and are affected by it.

The Faculty of Design was chosen to exhibit in Seoul following the great success of last year's exhibition in Taipei  and it is a unique opportunity to expose the faculty and Israeli designers to the Korean audience and the international design scene. It is also a great opportunity to establish collaborations with both academia and the  international hi-tech industry.