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Prof. Khalmuradov Rustam Ibragimovich, Rector of Samarkand State University visited HIT

The visit followed the Scientists delegation's previous visit to Uzbekistan which took place in October 2017, initiated and headed by Prof. Eduard Yakubov, President of HIT.
HIT has become the first Israeli institution of higher education to engage in academic collaboration with a parallel leading institution of higher education in Uzbekistan -Samarkand State University.
Prof. Eduard Yakubov opens the visit with the introduction :
"We, in HIT, believe that research and innovation are the key to economic and scientific growth." He mentions that the "Science Bridge" initiative established the strong base for the relationship between HIT and Kazakhstan. The both, HIT and State University of Samarkand, not only will continue to do science, but will bring people from the East and the West together to build trust and peace.
Both institutions have expressed mutual desire to continue and develop these academic ties.