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Ambassador of Russian Federation in Israel Visits HIT


Anatoly Viktorov, Ambassador of the Russian Federation in Israel, together with the First Secretary for Science and Education, Mr. Alexander Pozdnyakov visited HIT-Holon Institute of Technology. The purpose of the visit was to showcase HIT’s academic and scientific capabilities, and to strengthen cooperation between Russian institutions and HIT.


From left: Prof Eduard Yakubov President of HIT and Anatoly Viktorov, Ambassador of the Russian Federation in Israel          


A distinguished delegation from the Russian Federation including their Ambassador to Israel and the First Secretary for Science and Education, Mr. Alexander Pozdnyakov visited HIT. The background for this important visit, which was hosted by Prof. Eduard Yakubov President of HIT on November 21st, is HIT’s significant academic presence in the region and the goal of deepening our cooperation with with the Russian Federation.


In his discussions with our distinguished guests, Prof. Yakubov emphasized HIT’s unique multi-disciplinary and resl-time approach to technology and design education and research.  He also spoke of the fact that HIT is positioned to best implement this cooperative relationship due to the significant presence of Russian-speaking lecturers and administrators on campus.


Viktorov and Pozdnyakov toured several of the research centers and labs, and witnessed first-hand the impressive capabilities of HIT Science and Technology Laboratory in Robotics, Smart cities, IoT, Data Science, GIS and more, as presented by Dr. yakob Damatov, Director of the Laboratory.


From left: Dr. Dan Kohen Vaks, Dr. Yakob Damatov, Mrs. Tony Levy, Mr. Ilya Levi, Mr. Alexander Pozdnyakov,
Prof. Eduard Yakubov, Anatoly Viktorov


From left: Prof. Eduard Yakubov, Anatoly Viktorov, Dr. Yakob Damatov


Strategic projects with huge social impact were presented by Dr. Dan Kohen Vaks from the world-renowned Faculty of Instructional Technologies, the only of its kind in Israel.  In particular, student projects and applications in the area of health and medicine in the areas of health and medicine, including the development of training programs for medical staff and medical solutions for various age groups were presented.


Dr. Alla Zak,  the Director of Center for Nanomaterials and Nanotubes, spoke about the Center’s research into the role of unique optoelectronic phenomenon which are critical to the development of renewable energy sources.


From left: Dr. Alla Zak, Prof. Eduard Yakubov, Anatoly Viktorov


The guests also visited the laboratories of Prof. Lev Rapoport's Tribology, Microscopes – electronic and atom with Dr. Alex Laihtman and Prof. Amnon Fruchtman's Plasma Lab. Finally, the delegates paid a visit to the Faculty of Design's 3D lab, as well as the Bio-Design project presented by Dr.? Michal Balberg, culminating their in-depth tour with the exhibition of the 500th anniversary of Leonardo Da Vinci in the Vitrina gallery.


From left: Prof. Eduard Yakubov and Anatoly Viktorov


Collaboration possibilities discussed included student and teacher exchanges, design of joint academic programs, organization of joint conferences and initiatives like the recent STEMM conference, cultural exhibitions and more.


The Ambassador was impressed with the various initiatives and projects and indicated his enthusiastic readiness to advance cooperation between HIT and leading academic, innovation and government institutions.  The visit marked yet another milestone in expanding the strong collaborative basis between HIT and the Russian Federation, for the betterment of our peoples and societies.  


Posted: 12/12/2019