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The first ever "Research and Creation Day" was held at HIT

This special day was initiated and organized by HIT's R&D and External Affairs Authority, headed by Dr. Refael Barkan, as a platform for presenting the array of activities in the research and creation fields that take place at HIT.
Prof. James Christopher, Warwick University
Prof. Christopher James, Professor of Healthcare Technologies and director of the Institute of Digital Health at WMG - Warwick University

Lectures were given by colleagues and keynote speakers from various academic institutions in Israel and abroad.

The guest of honor of this event was Prof. James Christopher, Professor of Healthcare Technologies and Director of the Institute of Digital Health at WMG - Warwick University in Britain, who presented his research and work on continuous non-invasive behavioral monitoring of patients, which assists in "managing" diseases and maintaining the patient's quality of life. In his lecture, Prof. James also introduced the technology that was developed for this purpose in the form of 'smart watch' and other assisting technologies.

The winners of the 1st prize in all three categories (Research, Creation and Multidisciplinary) gave lectures to the audience about their projects. Faculty members as well as students from a variety of faculties and departments presented their work, side by side, in a colorful collection of posters and exhibits.

Other participating guests in the Research and Creation Day were Dr. Itamar Shabtai, Dean of the School of Economics at the College of Management Academic Studies (COMAS), who spoke about the global revolution in the field of Digital Medicine and its impact on each individual and on society as a whole.
Dr. Barkan  , head of R&D and external affairs authority
Dr. Refael Barkan, head of R&D and external affairs authority

Prof. Amos Notea from HIT's Technology Management Faculty and Dr. Efraim Laor, who specializes in mass casualty incidents. announced the foundation of a new national multidisciplinary R&D center at HIT that will focus on Mass Casualty Incidents, while stressing the importance of raising awareness and developing relevant knowledge in order to better deal with such situations.

During the last panel, awards and certificates of excellence were presented to the winners of the competition that was held, honoring research and creative works that were submitted, and paying gratitude to the members of the external panel of experts.

Other guests at this special day, were representatives from ISERD and ERASMUS+, who met with HIT's researchers to introduce them to R&D funds and programs sponsored by the European Union.