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"Lighen-Hybrid Tattoo" wins first prize on Research & Creation day

Adi Arie, M.A. student in Integrated Design had won the first prize in the Multidisciplinary category.
The award was presented during the first Research and Creation day at HIT.
Lichen is a symbiotic organism, composed of algae and fungus that maintain reciprocal relationship.
The fungus consists of fibers allowing fast absorption of water and protection against dehydration. The algae consists chlorophyll that allows self-production of food, by the process photosynthesis. The Lichen absorbs ion minerals from its bed and additionally absorbs them from the air.
The lichen is one of the most resistant organisms on the planet. it has high survivability skills. It exists for thousands of years. It can be found in deserts, jungles and Antarctica. There are different kinds of lichen. They differ from each other by color and texture, as a result of their environment.

"The project was guided by Dr. Dror K. Levy and my idea of development a new biological fuel-cell allows combining between the lichen photosynthesis processes to electric conduction in the human body through tattoos. In the first stage, an nontoxic solution that contains the biological fuel cells, in combination of engineered chemical compound of algae and fungus, is being drunk by the user, invades the dermis cells and accepted by the tattoos ion metal cells.  In the second stage, the algae and fungus produce the lichen, that erupt the dermis and starts the photosynthesis process.
 In the process, the lichen converts the solar energy into chemical energy- carbon dioxide and water is being converted to glucose & oxygen. In the third stage, the biological fuel cells convert the chemical energy into electric energy, metal ions from the tattoo accumulate electricity and transfer it to the needed body cells. The tattoos are being used as elevated electric stations of the body electric activity"

Preventing heart attack that occurs due to cardiac arrhythmia, such as in case of ventricular fibrillation, by immediately transferring electricity, without external intervention. The sensory system is working through electric signs- sending electric pulses by the tattoo can help people with sensory impairment in one of the senses channel. Improving life quality in patient with muscular dystrophy.  It can help those with amputated limbs control their body in better way by enhancing the electric signs from the brain to new, innovative prosthesis.