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A Delegation from Riga Technical University (RTU) Visits HIT

On Wednesday, April 29, 2015, representatives of RTU, Latvia's leading technological higher education and research institution, visited HIT. Their purpose was to get acquainted with the academic and research innovations taking place at the Institute, and to consider possibilities for future collaboration.
חברי משלחת האוניברסיטה הטכנית של ריגה בסיור במכון
The Riga Technical University delegation touring HIT
The visitors were greeted by the Institute's president, Prof. Eduard Yakubov, and Dr. Refael Barkan, head of the Institute's Research, Development and External Relations Authority. During the visit, the RTU representatives met HIT's vice presidents, faculty deans and heads of the research centers and labs.

Dr. Refael Barkan introduced the visitors to the Institute's research interests, the state-of-the-art labs and research centers on campus, and HIT's current collaborative relationships with academic institutions and industries in Israel and abroad.
ביקור במעבדה להדפסה בתלת ממד
Visiting the 3D Printing Lab
Dr. Barkan also described the establishment of a unique forum – the Academia-Industry Forum – founded at the initiative of president Yakubov and Mr. Zvi Tropp, chairman of the executive committee. The Forum pro-actively strives to establish and expand the synergy between the Institute and industries, especially in Holon, with the Holon municipality's active support.

RTU's rector, Prof. Leonids Ribickis, presented RTU's fields of education and research, particularly emphasizing the faculties of Electronics and Telecommunications, Bio-Medical Engineering, Computer Science and Information Technology, and Aviation Engineering. Prof. Ribickis noted that he would be happy to collaborate with HIT on international academic and research programs (such as Horizon 2020, the prestigious European research program), and even to design together programs for advanced degrees in fields that would be of interest to both institutions.
במעבדה לאינטראקציה
At the Interaction Lab. Listening to a presentation of one of the Lab's innovations

RTU representatives toured HIT's research centers, as well as the laboratories in the Faculties of Engineering and Sciences: Dr. Alla Zak's Center for Nanomaterials, Prof. Lev Rapoport's Tribology Laboratory, Prof. Motti Haridim's Communication Engineering Research Center (including the Antenna and Radiation Lab) and Prof. Amnon Fruchtman's Plasma Lab.

Their visit also included the Institute's Interaction Lab, where they were presented with demonstrations of the subjects currently being researched, studied and applied by the students and staff, and the Faculty of Design's 3D Lab, where they were shown how the 3D printers are operated and put to use by students, designers, and researchers on campus.