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President of HIT invited to serve as an international observer

On December 22nd, the Republic of Uzbekistan will hold parliamentary and local elections, marking the very first time that they will be conducted according to the new election code passed in June 2019. Inspired by accepted international standards, the code was instituted to ensure free, fair and transparent elections in the Republic of Uzbekistan.


prof Yakubov


Accordingly, 600 multi-national observers from 50 countries around the world – the USA, Russia and other European, Asian and African nations -- were invited to serve as members of a mission to oversee the electoral process. The international observers’ mandate ranges from the opening of polling stations to the tabulation of results.

HIT has developed a strong academic presence in the international arena, and enjoys close ties with Europe and Eurasian countries in general, and Uzbekistan in particular.  It is this close level of cooperation that led to Prof. Yakubov’s invitation to be a member of the prestigious election observation mission, one of only seven in the Israeli delegation.

During his official visit to Uzbekistan, Professor Yakubov will meet with representatives from three academic institutions.  His aim is to strengthen HIT’s collaboration through  student and faculty exchanges, joint research and study programs and other international initiatives. 

This is not the first time that Prof. Yakubov has been asked to serve as an international observer in Uzbek elections.:  "It is a great honor to have been invited to be a part of this important mission and to serve Uzbekistan in this very noble capacity.


It is a testament to the profound democratic aspirations of the Uzbek people and nation. It is especially gratifying that the close relationship that HIT has built over the past few years with Uzbek institutions of higher education and technology is recognized in so meaningful a manner.



Posted: 23/12/2019