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Lifetime achievements award to Mr. Shimon Peres

Hit's president, Prof. Eduard Yakubov awarded Mr. Peres with a Lifetime achievements award at the graduation ceremony last week.
Among other reasons, the award committee noted that Mr. Peres is one of the major initiators and corner stones of the regional peace process. His vision, ambition, statesmanship and uncompromising desire to create a "New Middle East" and thus a new and better life and future to everyone who lives here, his relentless efforts to promote education, multidisciplinary knowledge, culture and social responsibility, are considered groundbreaking and make him indeed a perfect role model.
Prof. Eduard Yakubov, Mr. Shimon Peres, Mr. Pini Cohen, Mr. Zvi Trop, Mr. Dan Kaner
Prof. Eduard Yakubov, Mr. Shimon Peres, Mr. Pini Cohen, Mr. Zvi Trop, Mr. Dan Kaner
At the same time, he continues to be a scholar who keeps pointing out at the importance of innovation, literacy, science, art and education in our lives. Undoubtedly his great contribution is crucial to Israel's nature, character and spirit as a state as well as his influence on the country's young generation and on his ability to contribute and strengthen the country's pillars in industry, defense and economy.
Mrs. Judith Bronitzky, co-founder and co-CEO of "Ormat Technologies Inc." was awarded an honorary degree for her on going contribution to Israel's turbine export as well as to youth education.
Together with her husband, she had established a professional high school, which is a unique example of entrepreneurship.
Mr. Seroussi, Mr. Cohen, Mr. Itzik Malach,Prof. Yakubov, Mr. Zvi Trop, Mrs. Bronitzky, Prof. Zeheb
Mr. Yair Seroussi, Mr. Pini Cohen, Mr. Itzik Malach,Prof. Eduard Yakubov, Mr. Zvi Trop, Mrs. Judith Bronitzky, Prof. Ezra Zeheb 
Her extensive activities in education especially with youth who had dropped out of schools, encouraging them to continue their studies - are an enormous contribution to keeping Israel as a leading nation in science and technology.
As a business woman and industry entrepreneur, Judith Bronitzky is a role model to young women and women in general, who see her as paving a meaningful road for woman at large.
Her extensive business and research activities, as well as her numerous prestigious management awards, is a sheer proof that "The Glass Ceiling" is completely irrelevant when it comes to talented and motivated women in the technology world.

Chairman of the Board of Directors, Bank Hapoalim Mr. Yair Seroussi, was awarded an honorary degree by Prof. Yakubov, for his great contribution in initiating many unique and innovative large scale projects that harness business people to assist in raising funds and management knowledge to schools managements teams, in order to help them create an educational and social 'revolution' in peripheral schools in Israel.
Mr. Yair Seroussi
Mr. Yair Seroussi
In his extensive and broad spectrum activities, he is a role model of the strong and fruitful bonding between the business and educational worlds.
He has invested relentless efforts to establish youth entrepreneurship centers, which will help develop their personal skills as young entrepreneurs and leaders and thus had left his mark on an entire generation who, in turn, will lead the state of Israel to great achievements in the future.