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Lifetime Achievement Award to Prof. Oded Maimon

The Association of Industrial and Management Engineers part of the AEAI – The Association of Engineers, Architects and Graduates in Technological Sciences in Israel, has decided to award a Lifetime Achievement Award to Professor Oded Maimon of the Faculty of Industrial Engineering and Technology Management, for his outstanding and numerous contributions in the field.


Professor Maimon

Prof. Maimon holds a Ph.D. from MIT in the field of artificial intelligence and robotic systems. He joined HIT’s Faculty of Industrial Engineering and Technology Management this past year, where he lectures on "artificial and human intelligence". He also is Prof. Emeritus in the Faculty of Engineering at Tel Aviv University and is the head of the ORACLE Chair.

His extensive activity in the field of artificial intelligence is recognized world-wide and it has even earned him a Citations (Tzalash) from the “Mossad” in 2008.

Prof. Maimon has authored 20 books and has personally supervised over 100 students in this field. Algorithms developed by him in the field of machine learning are implemented in a several leading companies.
"I am very excited by the announcement," says Prof. Maimon. "This is an acknowledgment of a a work product of many years in which I was able tomake a significant contribution to the field of industry and management in the country".

Along with being an international expert in the field of artificial intelligence, Prof. Maimon emphasizes the great importance in developing additional areas of human intelligence. We need to study, teach and get acquainted with humanities, philosophy and literature and not focus solely on improving technological capabilities. Artificial intelligence must not replace the human brain. There must be synergy betweenthe two." says Prof. Maimon.

The award will be presented to him at the 22nd Conference on Industrial Engineering and Management to be held on June 2, 2021 



Posted: 10/05/2021