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Vice Rector of Samarkand State University visited HIT


Prof. Muhtor Nasyrov, Vice Rector for international R&D and Academic Affairs at Samarkand State University, visited HIT.


From left: Prof. Eduard Yakubov, Prof. Muhtor Nasyrov

Photo: Tal Avigad


The visit followed an academic collaboration agreement, which was signed last year between HIT and Samarkand State University.


Prof. Nasyrov was welcomed by Prof. Eduard Yakubov President of HIT, Dr. Refael Barkan, Head of Research, Innovation and International Ventures Authority and CEO of A.Y.Y.T (HIT's TTO), Dr. Guy Yoskovitz Head of International Ventures and Mrs. Tony Levy, External Relations Officer.


Robotics Center

Photo: Tal Avigad


During his visit Prof. Nasyrov signed a mutual agreement with Prof. Eduard Yakubov establishing a joint study program in Applied Mathematics. 


Prof. Nasyrov visited some of HIT's study and research labs and was given detailed information about the academic and reaserch activities that take place at HIT.

Nano-Technology Lab

Photo: Tal Avigad


Vitrina Gallery

Photo: Tal Avigad



posted: 07/02/2019