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New MoU between HIT and Ansbach University of Applied Sciences, Germany


On December 5th 2019, an official German delegation from the Ansbach University of Applied Sciences, Germany visited HIT.


HIT representatives and the German delegation


The delegation was headed by Prof. Dr. Ute Ambrosius, President, Ansbach University of Applied Sciences, and involved many distinguished members: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Sascha Müller-Feuerstein Vice President Digital Transformation & Continuing Education, Dr.-Ing. Helmut Roderus, Head of the Bavarian Drone Academy, Prof. Martin Feldmann, Director of the course Multimedia and Communication, Prof. Dr. Tim Pidun, Senator and Member of the University Council, Head of study course “Applied Engineering Sciences”, Professor for Production Technology and Information Systems, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Anke Knoblauch, Professor of food technology,Head of the study program Industrial Biotechnology (B.Sc.), Head of the examination board International Product and Service Management (M.A.), Prof. Dr. Oliver Schwindler, Dean of Faculty of Business, Prof. Dr. Carolin Durst, Scientific Director Campus Rothenburg, Program Director Intercultural Management, Dr. Patrick Gröner, Director of the center for applied AI and transfer, Ms. Anja Keim, Head of Human Resources, Mr. Dieter Rottmeir, CEO / Co-Owner, KC Risk AG, Mr. Thomas Merkel, Head of staff for economy, regional development, education and climate, CEO Business Promotion Agency District of Ansbach, Germany, Ms. Monika Guderian, Team leader student services, Ansbach University of Applied Sciences.


From left: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Müller-Feuerstein, Prof. Dr. Oliver Schwindler, Ms. Monika Guderian, Ms. Anja Keim, Prof. Dr. Carolin
Durst, Prof. Martin Feldmann, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Anke Knoblauch, Prof. Dr. Tim Pidun


Attending the meeting on behalf of HIT were Prof. Eduard Yakubov, President of HIT, Dr. Refael Barkan, Head of the Research, Innovation and International Ventures Authority, Mr. Samuel Goldberg, HIT's CEO, Dr. Hadas Lewy, Head of Digital Health Ventures, Dr. Radel Ben-Av, Head of the Computer Science Department, Faculty of Sciences, Dr. Arriel Benis, Head of the Business Intelligence and Automation (BIA) Lab, Faculty of Technology Management, Dr. Jonathan Schler from the Faculty of Sciences, Dr. Shai Gol, Department of Multi-Disciplinary Studies and Ms. Deborah Sharabi, Head of International Office.


Dr. Refael Barkan introduced HIT, its research, innovation and international activities, the Department for Multidisciplinary Studies and the expected establishment of a sixth Faculty of Digital Health Studies. Dr. Barkan expressed HIT's true willingness to develop a successful collaboration with the Ansbach University of Applied Sciences.


Prof. Dr. Ute Ambrosius, President, Ansbach University of Applied Sciences


In line with Dr. Barkan's introduction, Prof. Dr. Ute Ambrosius, President, Ansbach University of Applied Sciences, gave an overview of the University, stressing the mutual fields of interest in study and research with HIT, and the strong belief that both institutions will benefit from such a collaboration. In the long run, Prof. Dr. Ambrosius warmly invited Prof. Yakubov to visit Ansbach, Germany.


From left: Dr. Barkan, Prof. Yakubov, Prof. Dr. Ambrosius, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Müller-Feuerstein


From left: Dr. Barkan, Prof. Yakubov, Prof. Dr. Ambrosius, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Müller-Feuerstein


Both institutions formalized their commitment for partnership, signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) by Prof. Yakubov, on behalf of HIT and Dr. Ambrosius, on behalf of The University of Applied Sciences.


The delegation concluded its visit with a tour on HIT's campus and facilities, visiting the Robotics Lab, in the Faculty of Sciences, where they were shown a demo by Prof. Gila Kurz head, Master Degree, Faculty of Instructional Technologies and Dr. Dan Kohen-Vacs, Faculty of Instructional Technologies, the Multidisciplinary Assistive Design and Engineering (MADE) Lab and 3D Printing Lab.


Posted: 10/12/2019