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Ms. Milojka Kolar Celarc, Slovenian Minister of Health Visited HIT


The minister was accompanied by Ms. Barbara Sušnik - Ambassador of Slovenia to Israel; Ms. Tatjana Buzeti - Directorate of Long-term Care, Slovenia, Mr. Blaž Masle - Deputy Head of Mission, Slovenian Embassy in Israel.


From left: Ms. Celarc, Prof. Yakubov. Photo: Timor Aselman 

Ms. Celarc was welcomed by Prof. Eduard Yakubov – President of HIT; Dr. Refael Barkan - Head of Research, Development and External Relations Authority, HIT ; Dr. Guy Yoskovitz - Deputy Director of Research, Development and External Relations Authority at HIT; Prof. Yair Lampl – HIT & Wolfson Medical Center ;Dr.Hagit Meishar-Tal - Head of B.A program, Faculty of Instructional Technologies, HIT ;Prof. Gila Kurtz - Head of M.A program, Faculty of Instructional Technologies, HIT ;Mrs. Ira Ivshin-Guetta – International Office, HIT.


Visiting the 3D Printing Lab. Photo: Timor Aselman 

Prof. Yakubov reviewed before the guests the academic activities that take place in HIT.
Dr.Barkan reviewed the search activities, including Excellence Centers and Research Labs, especially the CARE initiative and MADE lab. He also mentioned the Synergy Symposium that took place earlier this year with HIT's British academic partners.


Visiting MADE Lab. Photo: Timor Aselman 

Prof. Lampl talked about the importance of the pharmaceutical solutions for the elderly regarding the CARE initiative.
Dr.Meishar-Tal presented the Instructional Technology Faculty and the projects and applications that are being developed there with regard to the medical area, including qualification of medical staff and medical solutions for various age groups.


Photo: Timor Aselman 

Prof. Glia Kurtz present the CALMA project that was developed in HIT.
Ms. Celarc, was impressed with the various initiatives and projects and said that she will be happy to assist in connecting HIT to relevant leading academic institutions in Slovenia in order to help establish fruitful collaborations between both countries.

The guests have visited the 3D printing lab and the MADE lab and were given detailed information about the projects that are bring developed there for the benefit of people with special needs and disabilities.



posted: 11/07/2018