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M.Design graduate, received first prize in HIT's competition

Michal Steiner, M.Design graduate in Integrated Design, had won the first prize in HIT's research and Creation day.
Michal's project, guided by Dr. Dror K. Levy," Emoji as a substitute in a faceless era"' was awarded the first prize in the creation category, in the last Research and Creation day that was held recently at HIT.

"The emoji phenomenon as a new hybrid language integrating word and image, which originated in Japan at the beginning of the present millennium, is a rare manifestation of a language in the making.
It presents us with a unique opportunity to reevaluate and revisit a myriad of social, cultural, ideological and linguistic theories. In this paper I discuss semiotic analysis mainly with respect to the signifier signified dyad (and triad) to propose a shift from any such categorization when probing into the post-modernist phenomenon of the emoji.
I read Baudrillard's Simulacra (or a copy without an original) to question the reference of the signifier to an actual "real" and illustrate, via Guy Debord's Society and Spectacle, how emoji language is in fact an objectification of discourse. The final proposition in my thesis is a moral one which postulates upon Emmanuel Levinas' philosophy of the "Other."