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“Focus” on Epilepsy - Improving diagnoses with electrodes

“Focus” on Epilepsy

A prestigious grant from the Bio-convergence Program of the Innovation Authority was awarded to Dr. Michal Balberg of the Faculty of Electrical and Electronics Engineering.


Dr. Balberg

Dr. Michal Balberg

Dr. Balberg, who heads the Bio-Photonics Lab at HIT and develops tools for functional brain measurements, was granted a two-year research and development grant to develop an integrated multi-channel system for characterizing networks and epileptic foci.

According to Dr. Balberg, “thirty percent of epilepsy patients do not respond well to medications. In these cases, it’s necessary to take additional actions such as inserting electrodes into their brain in order to identify the epileptic focus and treat it actively. The aim of our study is to improve the diagnosis using these electrodes.”

The study is being conducted with Dr. Mordechai Medvedovsky from the Department of Neurology at Hadassah Medical Center in Jerusalem.

The Bio-convergence Program of the Israel Innovation Authority is a new and ambitious initiative aiming to tap the inherent synergy between different technologies from the fields of biology and engineering.


Posted: 04/01/2022