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Dr. Nava Shaked lectured at the Marie Curie Alumni Association in Greece

Dr. Shaked, Head of the School of Multidisciplinary Studies, HIT, was invited as a guest speaker recently to lecture at the Marie Curie Alumni Association Greece Chapter assembly and talked about The Multidisciplinary Grid – A new view of Academia.

Dr. Nava Shaked

Dr. Shaked said that for her the event symbolizes the unification of many important values: The role of research, passion and education and the ability to lead and create.

"This is an opportunity that we women researchers must take in light of the persona of Marie Curie as the first women twice Nobel Prize winner and her life story that is so inspiring".

Dr. Shaked's speech centered on the vision of Multidisciplinary teaching and the journey that was done in HIT.

"Multidisciplinary researches describe their journey as the ability to move from one thinking pattern to another. It is not easy, and requires training, but once you get it, you see the world from another angle. For my private journey, I am a computational linguist. I worked in Hi-tech for 20 years and then joined academia. I teach in 3 different faculties and I am all the time looking to connect between academia and industry. In my research I work with language modules and machine interaction design. I design robots & Avatars that understand language and are able to converse like humans. We ask ourselves as mentors how to educate while building knowledge and skills, weaving them into frameworks that will fit the new everchanging world.

I discovered that going out of their comfort zone is still a challenge, and creative thinking is not yet a common skill. In the few years since we established the concept of Multidisciplinary studies in HIT, we have created a place, for new things to happen, a safe meeting point, for students and researchers from different disciplines where they can voice their ideas, learn each other’s language and create a new one, in a unique teamwork".

Posted: 09/03/2022