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MUIC and HIT - prospects for successful cooperation


On May 17, 2019, a meeting was held at MUIC (Mirzo Ulugbek Innovation Center) in Tashkent, with representatives from Groundzero and HIT - Holon Institute of Technology in Israel.


From left: Prof Adir Pridor, Chairman of the Executive Committee at HIT; Hikmat Abdurahmanov, CEO Ground Zero acselerator; Zukhra Abdurahmanova, Ground Zero Acselerator and Deputy of Executive Director of Tashkent Governor; Prof Yakubov, President of HIT ;Sherzod Yakubov director education unit “Mirzo Ugulbek Innovation Center”; Tony (Antoanet) Levy, External Relations Officer (ERO)


Founded in 1969, today HIT is an educational center that combines academic training and practical industry experience; it is an interdisciplinary institution that specializes in various areas of science and technology and creates various projects and programs that create an integrated approach to science and art and business.

A delegation from HIT had recently arrived in Uzbekistan, held a conference, a number of meetings, and made new acquaintances and visited MUIC.

The meeting was very productive and intense. Representatives of the Israeli science delegation and Uzbek business people discussed the current IT education in Uzbekistan, and the necessity to use industrial mathematics to help big businesses increase their profits. They also discussed the future of IT partnership between Uzbekistan and Israel, creating start-ups and increasing the presence of women in IT.



The parties found many similar view points and shared opportunities for cooperation. This is not surprising, because, as the guests from Israel noticed, Israel and Uzbekistan have many common problems and needs, and the goal of Uzbekistan is to be a leader in the region in the field of innovations, which Israel has already managed to become worldwide.

To become a leader, you need, among other things, to create and launch innovative production and products. For example, like the one that was recently launched with the support of HIT in Bukhara - the amazing development of Israeli scientists- the installation of "Watergen"  device which manufactures drinking water from the air, which was installed and is already working there.

It is an atmospheric generator of water from the air. The generator is capable of producing about 900 liters of pure fresh drinking water every day. It is mobile and needs only electricity in order to work.


Another innovation that was presented by HIT delegates - the use of so-called, industrial mathematics, which allows you to optimize business processes and increase profits (often by more than 20%) in huge industries. Why not apply it in our country?
After all, according to the president of HIT, Prof. Eduard Yakubov, the institute is ready to share the most advanced technologies and developments with Uzbekistan.
Naturally, the expected and positive outcome of the meeting was the desire of both parties to support each other in many projects of the IT industry. 


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