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New MOU signed between HIT and Stieglitz St. Petersburg State Academy of Arts and Design


HIT - Holon Institute of Technology has entered into a collaborative partnership with the prestigious Stieglitz St. Petersburg State Academy of Arts and Design. The historic virtual meeting between institutional heads cemented future cooperation between respective faculty and students in the areas of design, education, science, research and innovation.


The Stieglitz Academy is one of the oldest and most renowned institutions of higher education in Russia and an acknowledged leader in the fine, decorative and applied arts, digital design and multimedia design – specialties also prominently present at HIT. The Stieglitz Academy was founded in 1876 by Baron Alexander Stieglitz. Today, the Academy has 1,500 students and 220 faculty members.
The Rector of the Academy, Professor Anna Nikolaevna Kislitsyna, spoke of the integral role that Academy graduates play in almost every aspect of life in Russia, from the design of the Space Flight Control Center in the former USSR to almost all brands of Soviet cars, toys, and other key products ever-present in Russian life. 


Prof. Eduard Yakubov, President of HIT

“Our Academy is unique in that we have carefully preserved the traditions of the old masters, in many instances, drawing on the traditional technologies and methods passed on from generation to generation. At the same time, however, we strive to combine these older techniques with new, modern innovative technologies. Some examples: the use of computer capabilities in metal processing, communicating and transmitting information remotely, and more. The importance of this combination of the old with the new has proved itself beyond a doubt during the recent pandemic, when people were not able to physically interact with each other. But it's not just about communication. Animation and computer graphics have become an integral part of contemporary art, and we pay special attention to these disciplines.


The competition for placement in these areas is fierce, with 1 position available per 40 candidates in computer graphics, and 1:28 for animation. Despite these accomplishments, I believe that there is always more to learn, and this is why we are happy to exchange experience and knowhow with our Israeli colleagues. You have innovative technologies in industrial design, digital design, interior design and multimedia technologies that are well worth knowing. I am confident that through this cooperation, we can expand our repertoire of knowledge even further.


The Rector of the Academy, Professor Anna Nikolaevna Kislitsyna

Professor Anna Nikolaevna Kislitsyna, The Rector of the Academy

I hope that our cooperation with the Holon Institute of Technology will be fruitful. Many of our former compatriots live in Israel, and we share the same cultural codes and values. But while we might share common foundations, we are in many ways different. This will allow us to learn from each other. We are interested in joint creative projects which are international in scale, through exhibitions, student exchange, and faculty interactions. So, let us start working together.” 
Representing HIT was President Prof. Eduard Yakubov, VP for Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Internationalization Dr. Refael Barkan, VP for Academic Affairs Professor David Shoikhet, the President’s Eurasian Coordinator Ms. Tony Levy. The St. Petersburg Academy of Arts and Industry was represented by Rector Professor Anna Kislitsyna, Vice-Rector for Scientific Affairs Professor Zhanna Kotova and Vice-Rector for International Relations Prof. Tatyana Vyacheslavovna Kovaleva. 
Working meetings to further develop the cooperation are currently in the planning process. 


Posted: 21/06/2021