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Prof. Eduard Yakubov and Dr. Refael Barkan visited MIT


Prof. Eduard Yakubov, President of HIT and Dr. Refael Barkan Head of Research, Innovation and International Ventures Authority at HIT, returned from an eight days visit to the USA. This visit’s main purposes were to strengthen and expand Academia - R&D ties, especially in the field of Digital Health, which is one of HIT's strategic plan leading items.


Prof. Seidman, Prof. Yakubov,  Dr. Barkan

Prof. Seidman, Prof. Yakubov,  Dr. Barkan, Mr. Gotthelf  

Both were invited to take part in the "" Aging America 2019" conference, which focused this year on aging in America - challenges, design and examining ways to integrate various technologies into the solutions.
The conference, organized by Rochester University in collaboration with other leading medical and health institutions in the USA, hosted Prof. Abraham "Avi" Seidman, Chair Faculty at the Simon Business School, University of Rochester (Information Systems, Operations Management & E-Commerce). 

Prof. Seidman visited HIT several times in the past and shares various HIT initiatives in the field of Digital Health.

Moreover, Prof. Yakubov and Dr. Barkan met with senior members of the health world, in general and in the Digital Health in particular, to create an infrastructure for academic and research collaborations in Digital Health. Among others, they met the former Dean of Harvard's Medical School, Prof. Donald M. Berwick, President Emeritus & Senior Fellow Institute for Healthcare Improvement (HIH), Dr. Charlotte Yeh, Chief Medical Officer AARP Services, Inc. and Prof Bruce Leff, Professor of Medicine, John Hopkins University School of Medicine, USA.

Prior to the conference, Prof. Yakubov and Dr. Barkan met Mr. Danny Danon, Israel Ambassador to the UN, and discussed a possible collaboration, which will allow presenting selected graduation works from HIT's Faculty of Design in an exhibition, in honor of Israel. This exhibition will take place at the UN.


Prof. Yakubov at the OLAMI Summit

Prof. Yakubov at the OLAMI Summit

During the Boston conference, Prof. Eduard Yakubov met Mr. David Dolev, Assistant Director of MIT International Science and Technology Initiatives and Managing Director of MISTI programs in the Middle East (Israel, Jordan, MEET(. During this meeting, they discussed the options for possible collaboration between both institutions, among other things is adopting MIT's models of innovation and initiatives by The Center for Innovation and entrepreneurship at HIT.
Towards the end of the visit, Prof. Yakubov and Dr. Barkan were invited to attend the OLAMI Summit in NY.



Posted: 18/06/2019