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Dr. Ferenc Kiss, VP for R&D, METU, Budapest visited HIT


The Vice President for R&D, Dr. Kiss, was accompanied by Ms. Marianna Török, Lecturer at METU Institute of Business Studies, Mr. Szabolcs Szolnoki, Diplomat for Scientific and Technological Affairs, Embassy of Hungary in Tel Aviv and Ms. Réka Tamás, Assistant - Trade and Science Diplomacy Section, Embassy of Hungary in Tel Aviv.


From left to right: Prof. Yakubov, Dr. Meishar-Tal, Ms. Marianna Török, Dr.. Frenec Kiss, Mr. Szabolcs Szolnoki, Ms. Réka Tamás, Prof. Tamir Shefer.


Dr. Kiss was welcomed by Dr. Refael Barkan - Head of Research, Development and External Relations Authority, HIT; Prof. Tamir Shefer - Head of Visual Communications Department, Design Faculty; Dr.Hagit Meishar-Tal - Head of B.A program, Faculty of Instructional Technologies, HIT; Ms. Ira Ivshin-Guetta – International Office, HIT.

Dr. Barkan reviewed before the guests the academic activities that take place in HIT, together with the research activities, including Excellence Centers and Research Labs, especially the CARE initiative and MADE lab.
Dr. Meishar-Tal presented the Instructional Technology Faculty, the projects and applications that are being developed there. Prof. Shefer presented the Faculty of Design and the Visual Communication Department, together with few students' projects.


A visit in Laboratory for synthesis and investigation of nanomaterials


Dr. Kiss was impressed with the presentation. He also presented Budapest Metropolitan University, the Faculties and added that the university is looking for new corporations. With the blessing for the embassy representative, Mr. Szolnoki, there were few initiatives suggested and an interest to sign MoU between METU and HIT.


A visit in MADE lab


The guests were welcomed by Dr. Alla Zak in the Laboratory for synthesis and investigation of nanomaterials. They have also visited the MADE lab, where Dr. Umanski presented detailed information about the projects that are bring developed there, for the benefit of people with special needs and disabilities.