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Prestigious 2022 iF Design Award presented to HIT's Industrial Design Department Graduate


Dor Carmon, a graduate of the Department of Industrial Design at HIT, received the prestigious 2022 iF Design Award presented annually by the international Industrial Design Forum.


המוצר הזוכה, מאוורר תקרה הנקרא Lotus

Carmon, together with the brand "Swing by Technolite", received the distinguished award for their ceiling fan at the iF Design Awards ceremony under the "Building Technology" category.

The iF design award is one of the most important in the world, recognizing the best of industrial design over the past 70 years.  Among its recipients are large entities such as Volkswagen, Google, Apple, Amazon and others.
The winning product, a ceiling fan called Lotus, received special attention from the competition judges who emphasized its design uniqueness. 


Design Award 2022

Using plastic injection, Carmon created three identical wings that connect to one unit by six screws, containing both the motor and the light fixture. The plastic wings are combined with wooden handles that give the fan a contemporary and minimalistic look. The fan itself has smart functions which control the speed of the blades and comes with a remote control device and adjustable lighting.


Dor Carmon

Dor Carmon

"The international recognition of my work after so many years in the field of design is a very exciting thing for me," says Dor Carmon. "We are in an era when the idea of a fan as a generic product is changing and it is being regarded as a design object everywhere. Plastic injection allows for precision and veneer combinations allow for variety and customization for each customer."


"The body of the fan and the motor include advanced technological features which make it quiet and suitable for living spaces and its simplicity creates a relaxed atmosphere. The target audiences are architects and designers who can use a perfect solution in the spirit of modern architecture".


Fan photo: Arkady Raskin

Dor Carmon Photo: Daniel Chechik

Posted: 11/07/2022